Business Systems Lead to Considerable Efficiency Gains



A major Australian generator, transmitter, and distributor of electricity, serving more than 730,000 clients, with $1.3 B in annual sales and $3.7 B in assets

Business Issue

The organization required replacement of their current business and commercial systems with an integrated package solution, developing new and refined business processes in each of these areas, and coordinating all the activities required to deliver these changes.


Partnering with a larger company, assisted with the Commercial Improvement Program (CIP) by defining system requirements and new processes for plant maintenance, works management, logistics, finance and human resources management, for all divisions/business units and evaluating and selecting appropriate packaged system(s) to meet these requirements. Established and managed the change office and change management program to assist with the transition to the “new” organization. We also defined the technical architecture required to support the new system(s) and build a business case/implementation plan. Development and implementation of a suite of solutions to improve the overall performance of the Asset Management function of the client’s Generation Division. The project leader took on the role of Asset Manager for the client along with the accompanying responsibility of realizing concrete and measurable results and of managing the change process.


New integrated suite of business processes and systems that have led to considerable efficiency gains