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What our customers have to say: 

ACA, thank you for being here.  We felt like the project was being done with us and not to us.  

Client System Engineer

Thank you for helping us to understand ACA’s “Net Zero” approach to project management, meaning that a project must pay for itself within one-year from completion of the project. We have always considered return on investment, but we had not taken your additional step of monitoring the expected benefits during the project.  It was interesting to watch you stop the project and adjust your process when the expected benefits were not being received.

Client Equipment Reliability Manager

This is the fourth project you have conducted with us.  Each project was completed on schedule and budget.  All our expectations from you were met.  Thank you for your support.  We look forward to the next project with ACA.

Client Project Manager

I thought our change was going to be time consuming and complicated.  I was intrigued by your simple, common sense approach to project management.  I was impressed with the efficiency of your personnel and processes used.  

Client Technical Sponsor and Project Manager

Before working with you, we did not understand how much we did not know.  Your assessment opened our eyes and the pilot exposed many of our inefficiencies and short comings.  We are very happy to be working with you.  

Client Plant General Manager

I am glad that I finally took the time to listen to what you were trying to explain to me.  A Functional Equipment Group based Long-Term Cycle Plan really is the foundation for us quit reacting so much and becoming more proactive.  

Client Work Control Director

We tried doing this project several times in the past on our own and could not get it done.  As it turned out, the cost to have you do the project was much less than we have already spent, and we are still getting benefits from your work.  Good lesson for us when making future decisions.  

Client Engineering Director

Before your assessment and pilot, we thought we were in bad shape.  Your work showed us that we do have areas we can improve but are not in as bad a position as we thought.  Thank you for saving us from a project that we did not have to do.  

Client Equipment Reliability Manager

We applaud ACA for finding and correcting all kinds of broken things in our Preventive Maintenance (PM) Program.  That took a very good understanding of our PM Program and our computerized maintenance management system.  

Client Technical Sponsor and Project Manager