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Giving Back Where ACA Works

ACA understands that, while the corporate office may be in Arizona, work is conducted across the country and around the globe, and is committed to giving back to the communities from which it receives business. Whether it’s local food banks, animal shelters, or other charities, ACA has always been, and will always be, committed to helping those in need wherever it goes.


Montessori in the Park

In 2007 ACA became the corporate sponsor for Montessori in the Park, a non-profit preschool and elementary located in Goodyear Arizona. Montessori in the Park (MIP) enrolls over 100 students ages 3-12 and prides itself on providing quality, private-school education. Through fundraising and the charitable contributions of ACA, Montessori in the Park is able to provide that education at the lowest possible price. Please visit www.mipschool.org to learn more.