Setting up a Successful Day

We have recently been writing articles on making the most of the time you have.  One of the most important things you can do to help ensure a successful day is to have a good night routine.  Many people have a hard time going to sleep. Those that do get to sleep find that their sleep is less than restful. Having a successful morning routine or strategy to go about completing your day is ineffective [...]

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Slowing Down Time

A man was walking, near the end of his days, in a field of grass overlooking the meadows.  Off in the distance, a forest, rich in life and beauty. As the sun beat down on his face, he could feel the warmth offset only by a slight spring breeze.  Off in the distance, he could hear the sounds of the stream or river and the water washing over the rocks.  Along side the old man [...]

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Taking Back Time

We often hear people lament that time goes by faster today than ever before.  Some say the older you get the faster time goes by.  I am confident that a search of the internet will find hundreds, if not thousands, of books and articles, some with scientific evidence about our perception of time and its relative speed. I feel time does go by faster because by the time I complete my planning Sunday night for [...]

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What I Learned From A Plant

On the path to ‘quality of life’, people often find themselves facing the same problem again and again.  Perhaps it’s the same relationship with a different face and name. Perhaps is it’s our time slipping away because of an unanticipated visitor that, once we reclaim it, slips away again.  The face of the problem changes, but the pattern repeats. We support a local non-profit school called Montessori in the Park (www.mipschool.org). At the end of [...]

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