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Five Step Bar of Excellence – Achieving Sustainability

Achieving Sustainability To successfully manage the change process, the team must deliver more than just the financial impact that justifies engagement in the first place.  They must also be able to demonstrate that the process is sustainable, and can, in fact, be improved on.  This sustainability and improvement possibility can and should be exploited to the organization’s benefit and should be identified and delivered by the team. The mutually beneficial relationship that exists [...]

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Five Step Bar of Excellence – Measuring Your Success

Measuring Success The concepts and construction of metrics has played a role throughout the process of change management as it relates to an organization.  At this point in the process, the metrics begin to assume a larger part as they validate or refute the actions taken in response to the need for change.  In short, the metrics prove the vision and solution right or wrong at this point.  However, there can be a different [...]

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5 Step Bar of Excellence Step 4a – Implement the Solutions

Step 4a - Implementation On the surface, the implementation phase consists of simply setting the new rules in play and educating the general population of the organization on the new methods, systems, and more importantly expectations.  However, implementation provides ample opportunities for the team to drop the ball and undo months of good work with a few choice mistakes.  Poor preparation, poor training materials, a lack of coordination with HR, unrevealed expectations, or simply [...]

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Five Step Bar of Excellence Step 3 – Design the Solution and Path Forward

  Step 3 - Design the Solution The design phase is the most dynamic and visible portion of any change effort.  This is the time to build teams and make the project start to involve the vast majority of the organization’s population.  The passion needed for successful change and cultural evolution should be engendered during this period, and the substantive education of personnel takes place during the design phase. The organization must see a [...]

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Five Step Bar of Excellence Step 2 – Assess and Identify Gaps

Once the Vision for Improvement has been realized, we are ready to move onto the next step.  This will help us quantify “how bad is it”? To solidify the concept that there is a better place to be, and to ensure that the organization is making a deliberate decision to pursue that better state, the organization must make an assessment of the current state of the organization, in light of the market, the competition and [...]

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Five Step Bar of Excellence Step 1 – Create the Vision

This article describes Step 1 in the Five Step Bar of Excellence. For more information on the Bar of Excellence please see Introduction to Sustainable Change. At some point an organization becomes or is made aware of the dangers of their current competitive stance or even existence. The danger may be from low cost competitors, out of scale costs, deteriorating infra-structure, bad practices, outdated skill sets and practices, from government regulation, internal or external.  The [...]

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Introduction to Sustainable Change

How many times has a manager or department head stared at the wall asking the question, “What happened to the improvement we put in place?”  We had a mandate, we knew improvements and changes were needed, we hired people to help us, we installed it, just like we were told to, it appeared to be working, the metrics looked good, and now it’s like we never did anything.  All that money, all that time, all [...]

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