We have recently been writing articles on making the most of the time you have.  One of the most important things you can do to help ensure a successful day is to have a good night routine.  Many people have a hard time going to sleep. Those that do get to sleep find that their sleep is less than restful. Having a successful morning routine or strategy to go about completing your day is ineffective if you start your day at a deficit.  Here are some key strategies to help you get quality sleep:

Turn off the electronics

Numerous studies have shown that engaging screens within a couple hours of going to bed stimulates the mind and makes It more difficult for people to be able to get quality sleep if they’re able to get to sleep at all.  Often, people use TV or movies to help them drift off. Really what they’re doing is they’re using the videos to distract themselves until they’re tired enough that their body can’t stay awake.  Turn off the electronics.

Eliminate White and Blue Light

This may seem extreme but the reason why it’s effective is blue light stimulates the “wake up sensors” of the brain.  White light has ample blue light.   For the last 30 minutes before bed, try candles, or swapping the lights in your room with red or orange lights.  It will help relax the brain and get you ready for sleep.

Don’t plan your next day before bed

Too often, in an effort to be effective, people plan their next day right before they go to bed. Unfortunately, this creates an open loop. Your mind, like a scratched record, continues to play the day again and again and again. Instead, plan your next day midafternoon. By mid afternoon you have a good idea of what you will be able to accomplish that day and what will be remaining for the next. If you need to, wake up in the morning and prep your day. In fact that’s part of a good morning routine. But we are talking about a night routine.


Before you go to bed, instead of planning your next day, review your successes and accomplishments. Write down things that you’re grateful for; things that you accomplished; things that you count as a success.  By ending your day focused on successes, your brain activity at night releases positive chemicals related to joy and pleasure. This helps you not only get to sleep easier, but get a better nights sleep.


The final thing that I would recommend before going to bed, or at least before going to sleep, is to disconnect. There is a Hawaiian forgiveness process call Ho’oponopon. It is a short, 7-minute meditation that you can access for free at https://www.empowermentsuccess.com/.

Try this for 10 days and notice how your sleep improves and your days become more efficient, productive and enjoyable.