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A man was walking, near the end of his days, in a field of grass overlooking the meadows.  Off in the distance, a forest, rich in life and beauty. As the sun beat down on his face, he could feel the warmth offset only by a slight spring breeze.  Off in the distance, he could hear the sounds of the stream or river and the water washing over the rocks.  Along side the old man was a boy, young enough to still see the beauty his grandfather was about to show him.

“Grandpa” said the young boy, “what have we come here to see?”

“Something you’ll see my boy, and something I have spent my life trying to rediscover.”

“What’s that Grandpa?”

As the old man stopped on the crest of the hill, the little boy looked out in awe and wonder and the old man replied, “This…The Magic of NOW”.

In our previous article, Jon asked a question: Can I change my perception of time by getting more done? Jon recognized that it may not be the solution, but a great place to start and I agree fully.  Getting to the point where you are efficient and productive, able to accomplish what you set out to in a week, gives you a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment…but what’s next?

If getting more done was the end of the journey, the expression, “no matter how much I get done, there’s always more to do” wouldn’t resonate with so many people.  In the search for quality of life, you need to find time to surrender and be fully present where you are.  Time slips away when you live in the future, thinking of all the tasks that need to be done, or when you live in the past, regretting that which was not accomplished or living in the glory of who you were.  But there is magic in the now.  The look in the eyes of a child when the get their first bike, the calm of a stream, the sun, the wind.  When we take for granted the gifts of now, we lose time and it slips away.  Find times to practice each day being present in the moment and rediscover the child-like wonder and awe in everyday moments.